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Welcome to MONROE!

Providing AMAZING education for young
people since 1956!

Welcome to Monroe Elementary School!

Monroe Elementary school is dedicated to growing and developing the whole child. Our classrooms offer a flexible style learning environment set up to allow for rich collaboration and discussion among students. Students navigate choice and voice throughout the day as they make learning decisions in a comfortable and community driven classroom.  We believe in 21st Century Learning. Communication, Collaboration,  Critical Thinking, and Creativity are driving forces in our decision making and instructional planning. We dive deep into content and knowledge as we teach students to probe, question, argue, defend, and prove their own theories while they learn in an authentic way. Monroe is a safe place where children will build and practice social skills, cooperation, resiliency and empathy as grow in their learning community. We make and celebrate mistakes because we know that taking risks and learning from our mistakes is a powerful way to learn. 

Our school is proud to be recognized as a Model PLC (Professional Learning Community) School by Solution Tree. Solution Tree is a leading K-12 educational company dedicated to transforming education worldwide by empowering educators to raise student achievement. Monroe Elementary School is one of only 200 schools in the United States and Canada to receive this award. Being a Model PLC school, the staff of Monroe engages in regular and frequent collaboration about student performance, next steps for every learner, and improving our teaching practices for better results. Adult learning leads to student learning. We are committed to ongoing professional collaboration and development so that we can improve each day for the children entrusted into our care.